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Are You Thinking Mobile for Social?

Think about mobile when you create content for any social network!

If you need evidence, I’d like to introduce you to Facebook’s latest earnings report. In it Facebook reports that 526 million monthly active users interact with Facebook SOLELY from mobile devices! That’s nearly DOUBLE the amount reported this time last year. The 526 million includes usage of Facebook’s mobile site, the mobile app, and the Facebook Messenger App. That’s staggering growth for mobile only usage.

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5 MORE Things Keeping You from Being a Social Media Rockstar

Last month we covered a few common mistakes in managing your social media pages in “5 Things Keeping You from Begin a Social Media Rockstar.” Let’s say you’ve read the post and are thoroughly convinced that you’ve mastered 1.) talking to the right crowd, 2.) creating unique content, 3.) listening to your audience, 4.) establishing your brand, and 5.) posting positive and engaging content.

Now what?

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5 Things Keeping You from Being a Social Media Rockstar

Okay, you’ve given this social media thing a fair chance. You’ve been tweeting, sharing your photos on Facebook, and you even have a product catalog on Pinterest. But after all your hard work you’re not seeing the results. People just aren’t commenting, liking, and retweeting. You’ve got only a handful of followers and none of them seem to be clicking through to your website.

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4 Pinterest Promotion Ideas for the Holidays

Whether you love it or hate it, it’s that time of year again. It’s time to start planning your holiday marketing strategy. And now that internet users are spending over 20% of their online time on social networks, you’d be savvy to include promotions via Facebook, Twitter, and perhaps for the first time ever, Pinterest. In fact, this will be the first holiday season where Pinterest may play a huge role in online shopping.

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The Google+ Awards: Honoring the Most Engaging Brands with the Best Pages

Welcome to the 2012 Google+ Awards!

We are here tonight to honor brave pioneers in social media, those brands willing to explore an empty space, to engage civilizations of software engineers , web developers, and other alien life forms, and to boldly go where only men have dared go before.

Yet even in the face of these considerable perils, there are some that have brazenly staked the virtual earth with their logo-flying flag. They have fortified their profiles, enCircled a following, and courageously let it all Hangout.

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