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Brattleboro Retreat

The Brattleboro Retreat is a Vermont based hospital that is dedicated to patients’ pursuit of recovery from mental illness, psychological trauma and addiction. They provide a full range of diagnostic and treatment services for individuals of all ages. Nationally recognized as a leader in the field of psychiatry, the Brattleboro Retreat offers a high-quality, individualized, comprehensive continuum of care.


The Brattleboro Retreat’s marketing efforts were mostly traditional in nature before coming to Paragon. They were familiar with advertising methods such as print ads but they weren’t versed in digital marketing. They had dabbled in pay per click advertising with lack-luster results so they sought the help of Paragon Digital Marketing’s professionals to get them on the right track.


We launched both paid search and display advertising campaigns for the Brattleboro Retreat. Going beyond the PPC campaigns, we established an analytical method to track audience behaviors online. After a discovery period, we understood that it typically took more than one visit to the website before potential patients would reach out for more information. Knowing this, we launched a remarketing campaign to bring users back to the Brattleboro Retreat website. We also uncovered that a large number of visitors were using mobile devices, so we assisted the Brattleboro Retreat in making sure their website was mobile friendly.


Since creating quality and converting ads as well as optimizing their site for mobile, The Brattleboro Retreat has maintained a large number of both their online traffic and their online conversions. As a regular Paragon client, we continue to learn and adjust the campaigns for the Brattleboro Retreat on a regular basis.

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