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Where can you get more information about Google Analytics 4?

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Google’s documentation is the best place to get the most up-to-date information. Here are some to start with:

Google Analytics 4 is the future of Analytics. It will allow you to gain better insights, even where tracking and other traditional methods of gathering data are not available, and the AI properties are a great feature, making the most of this growing technology.

Are you wanting to take advantage of Google Analytics 4 but you’re not sure of your next move or don’t have time to research and implement? We get it. Analytics is a large and constantly-changing topic and it’s important to make sure you’re implementing it the right way so you have access to and can accurately interpret and use data that’s important to you and your business.

Our experienced team implements and optimizes Universal Analytics, Google Analytics 4, and Google Tag Manager configurations to deliver custom dashboards, reports, and data that’s most important to your business needs and goals. Thoughtful planning and integration with other marketing efforts, such as PPC campaigns and specific traffic sources will give you a holistic view of our digital marketing efforts, and is one of our specialties.

You’ll have access to real-time data and monthly generated reports to share with internal stakeholders and help inform and direct strategy, appropriate marketing spend, and identify and deploy tactics to reach and exceed goals.

We’re committed to continuing to serve as Google Analytics experts and will review, advise on, and leverage new developments and features as they’re released. We look forward to partnering with you to implement and advance your digital marketing initiatives and supporting your success.

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