Google Easter Eggs Everyone Should Know About

Easter eggs are a fun way site creators make the user’s experience more exciting. These are little hidden features that…

Digital Marketing
How to Successfully Use Remarketing

Have you ever noticed that sometimes after you visit a website, it suddenly seems like the company is appearing everywhere you’re visiting online? They probably are. In fact, they’re doing it specifically for you. That’s remarketing in action.

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Website Design
How to Make Sure Your Website is Responsive and Mobile-Friendly

Have you checked into where your website traffic is coming from lately?
Specifically, what visitors are using to find and navigate to your website? You’ll most likely find that many visitors are using mobile phones to view and interact with your site, which means you need to make sure your site is performing well for them on these devices.

AnalyticsGoogle analytics reports
Essential Google Analytics Reports for Every Marketer

Which Google Analytics reports matter most for marketers? Here are some of the most useful reports you can monitor:

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Happy Earth Day From Paragon Digital!

Every year on Earth Day, people take the time to celebrate our planet and everyone who works for its betterment.…

Website DesignOptimize your website
These Tests Can Help You to Optimize Your Website

Is your website achieving the goals you had hoped? Testing to optimize your website for target goals can help. Here’s how:

Digital Marketing
Key Digital Marketing Data & Strategies for 2021

With more than 90% of the US population shopping online, digital marketing is becoming more important than ever. Read on for new strategies and data to help you make 2021 your most successful year.

Digital Marketing
Trends in Digital Advertising

The global pandemic has dramatically shifted the digital advertising landscape. Read on to find out how trends are changing and how to be effective in 2021.

Digital MarketingPodcast advertising
The Future of Podcast Advertising

Podcast advertising is an opportunity to reach a very wide audience. Here’s how it is developing into the future:

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