Laying the Groundwork

We believe that quality search marketing should be mostly customer-centric. That said, it is important to make sure your site meets some basic structural requirements search engines need in order to crawl, index and understand what your site is about. This includes everything from site navigation and usability, title tags and meta, to making sure your images are well optimized and your site loads fast. We’ll discover any issues as part of our initial Technical SEO Audit, and, depending on your preferences, we can either implement the changes necessary or guide your team through the process with clear instructions and recommendations.

Proper Targeting

Extra traffic means nothing if it doesn’t convert. Ensure you are putting the right content in front of the right people at the optimal moment along the customer journey. This means understanding who the customer is, how they think, and more importantly, how they search at different stages of the buying process. We accomplish this through keyword research, competitive analysis and developing audience and buyer personas. The findings from these exercises will inform all other aspects of the search marketing effort, from site layout and individual page keyword targeting, to the overall content strategy.

Getting to the Top

Once your site is technically healthy and we have a clear understanding of how to best engage your target market, it’s time to bring out the big guns. Content Strategy and Marketing will be the workhorse that drives your site to the top of the search engines for your most valuable terms. We’ll work together with you to create internal guidelines, voice and style guides, and an editorial calendar. Using the audience and buyer personas, we will develop content assets to guide customers through the buying process. Further, we’ll use data-driven creative storytelling and outreach to entice influencers to drive links, traffic, and positive brand sentiment your way.

Making it Stick

Getting to the top is only half the battle. Once the traffic is flowing your way we want to ensure you are making the most of it. We’ll perform Conversion Rate Optimization on your most important pages. Next, we’ll create and maintain a positive brand image through proactive reputation management. Finally, we’ll help you turn your best customers into brand ambassadors through social engagement, loyalty programs and brand community building.

Measure, Optimize, Iterate.

Digital marketing is a tightly woven system, and each of the above steps will help inform us on how to continue to improve the others. Every step of the way we’ll measure and report the impact of the changes through analytics, webmaster tools, and marketing intelligence tools like Moz. As we learn, we’ll apply this data to continuous improvements on our initial efforts and optimize for long term gains.