Even when a website is performing at amazing levels, it can only expect to see 5-15% of visitors convert during their visit either to a purchase or other activity. That means more than 8 out of every 10 visitors leave without ever giving you the chance to continue the conversation. And various studies have found it can take an average of 4-8 repeat visits before someone will convert.

Fortunately Retargeting, also called Remarketing, can be leveraged to get the return visits needed to improve overall conversions. But just serving ads to your previous visitors, or the products they just viewed, is not enough. To get the most from Retargeting you need a strategic plan to give a compelling reason to return.

At Paragon, we believe in creating Retargeting programs as robust as all your other marketing efforts. These are not afterthoughts to your “real” programs, you can expect to get:

  • Multiple audiences created to isolate visitors interactions and engagement
  • Ads and landing pages specifically designed to increase response
  • Offers and messages that change over time, based on what individuals are responding to
  • Testing to prove Retargeting is bringing additional conversions, not just additional cost.

Let’s get started with an analysis of your existing programs.

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