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Your Guide to Building Your Social Media Presence

As a small to medium business, being on social media is not optional. You need to be on social, and not only to post funny memes or company updates. Social media is all about forging authentic, valuable, and personal connections with your audience. The hope is to convert your social media audience into customers, and

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Big Changes Coming for Businesses on Facebook; Be Prepared

Unless you have been hiding out for the past week you have probably heard that Facebook recently announced a new update to its algorithm. On January 11th Mark Zuckerberg announced that Facebook will be making changes to turn the platform back into a place where people can connect with family and friends. It’s known as the Facebook

How to Increase Engagement With Facebook

Do you remember a time before Facebook? If you do, you know that those days are quickly fading into the past. Nowadays, Facebook is an essential part of a healthy and balanced marketing strategy. It’s the most popular, and arguably most important social media platform in existence. Over two billion people worldwide use Facebook, and

Social Media Tip: Best Time to Post

The elusive social media question – when is the best time to post?  One answer: Post when your audience is most active on the social media platforms you use.

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Are You Thinking Mobile for Social?

Think about mobile when you create content for any social network! If you need evidence, I’d like to introduce you to Facebook’s latest earnings report. In it Facebook reports that 526 million monthly active users interact with Facebook SOLELY from mobile devices! That’s nearly DOUBLE the amount reported this time last year. The 526 million includes usage

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How to Choose the Right Social Networks for Your Business

The social media gold rush promised businesses marketing success on channels that are cheap and easy to use. With stories about entrepreneurs making a name on Facebook, online boutiques getting traction on Pinterest, and the new class of YouTube millionaires, the pressure for businesses to have a presence on social media is huge.

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Proper Image Use: How to Avoid Copyright Infringement on the Web

We know that it’s common practice to snag photos off Google Images, but just because everyone is doing it doesn’t make it right. Whether you are posting images to your blog, Facebook, or any other social media platform, you need to be certain that you are allowed to use that photo or you are breaking

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Pinterest Etiquette: 12 Pointers for Proper Pinning

Pinterest is becoming an increasingly useful tool for many businesses.1 2 3 Is your Pinterest profile working just as hard for your business? If not, perhaps it’s time to check in with these 12 simple tips for proper pinning:

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5 MORE Things Keeping You from Being a Social Media Rockstar

Last month we covered a few common mistakes in managing your social media pages in “5 Things Keeping You from Begin a Social Media Rockstar.” Let’s say you’ve read the post and are thoroughly convinced that you’ve mastered 1.) talking to the right crowd, 2.) creating unique content, 3.) listening to your audience, 4.) establishing

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