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Website Publicity Joins Paragon

I’m excited to announce that Website Publicity of Peterborough, NH has joined the Paragon team. Website Publicity has provided Search Marketing and Pay-Per-Click (PPC) Advertising services for nearly 20 years to a wide variety of clients with a high level of expertise. The Website Publicity team will continue to provide the same expert services to

Internships: Transforming Students into Professionals

More than the designated Errand Runner The word “Internship” originally made me think of a 20-something fetching coffees for big-wigs; but at Paragon, the interns work with a different kind of Java. To my pleasant surprise, interns can be found writing code for a website build, drafting posts for social media, or offering insights during

We Moved! Find Us Now at 20 Central Square in Keene

We recently moved Paragon Digital Marketing’s headquarters to 20 Central Square #210 in Keene right above Bank of America. This move gives us more space to grow, and a close proximity to local downtown businesses. The move to Central Square resonates well with our staff who are all strong supporters of local businesses.

Unplug and Recharge: Working at Paragon Digital

We spend many hours in front of our computers, working our hardest on behalf of our clients. However, every once and awhile, it’s important for us to get out from behind our computers and play as hard as we work.

Paragon Digital Acquires 4Web

When I first started Paragon Digital, I had a simple goal. I wanted to build a team that provided the best digital marketing services for a wide range of clients.

pumpkin background

Paragon Carves Some Smashing Pumpkins for Keene Pumpkin Fest

UPDATE: Keene won the Pumpkin War with 29,381 carved and lit pumpkins and will receive $1 for each pumpkin for their schools from Discover Card. Highwood, IL tallied up just over 22,000 pumpkins and will get a consolation prize of $10,000 from Discover Card for their schools. We’ve been busy at Paragon carving up pumpkins

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