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Nonprofit Organizations Face Major Changes to Google Ad Grants

Will your nonprofit organization be affected by the new changes to the Google Ad Grant program? Google has always put forth its greatest effort to create the best user experience possible. This includes helping nonprofits compete for ad space through Ad Grants. The Google Ad Grant program is designed to help nonprofits advertise their services

Avoid These 5 PPC Mistakes

Pay-per-click marketing, or PPC for short, is like a maze. When you’re looking at it from a distance, PPC seems easy to navigate. But once you get inside the maze, it can be confusing and at times disheartening. How do you make sense of it all?

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Why Meta Descriptions Matter

It’s a good practice to write a brief meta description for each page of your website. This lets users know exactly what to expect before they click. Quality search engine snippets are yet another key element to Search Engine Optimization, and should not be overlooked.

3 Critical Components to a Higher Ranking Local Listing

Local Search Engine Optimization: Listings Listings are the single most important piece of the Local SEO puzzle. A single mistake could cost you countless lost customers each year. As we learned from the Local SEO Lo-Down, listings have the unique advantage of appearing before other results in Google’s search.

Paragon Digital Helps Put Keene on the Map

Getting to work and live in Keene, NH is one of the best parts of working for Paragon Digital. We get to tackle large impact marketing challenges while also getting to enjoy small town living. An important part of small town life is access to a thriving and unique Main Street. Keene’s downtown is made up

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Local SEO Lo-Down

What is Local SEO? Local Search Engine Optimization is one facet of traditional SEO that focuses on searchers with local intent rather than those trying to target specific keywords or topics. This is a very important part of SEO if you have a business which sells its products or services locally. Both Google and Bing

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Bing It On Google: Why Bing May Share the Same Fate as Pepsi

Microsoft has launched a new website called Bing It On and an accompanying ad campaign touting Bing’s superior search results. Microsoft is asking people to try their searches at where Google and Bing results for the same query are shown side by side. When organic search results are displayed without any Google or Bing branding, Microsoft claims that Bing beats

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