Are You Thinking Mobile for Social?

Think about mobile when you create content for any social network!

If you need evidence, I’d like to introduce you to Facebook’s latest earnings report. In it Facebook reports that 526 million monthly active users interact with Facebook SOLELY from mobile devices! That’s nearly DOUBLE the amount reported this time last year. The 526 million includes usage of Facebook’s mobile site, the mobile app, and the Facebook Messenger App. That’s staggering growth for mobile only usage.

Need more proof that mobile should be top of mind for Facebook?

The report also states that Facebook averages 745 million daily active users on mobile, that 69% of their ad revenue is made from mobile, and 1.19 billion users are active on Facebook mobile each month.

The scary thing – these stats don’t even include usage of Instagram or WhatsApp – two Facebook owned properties that focus even more on the mobile experience.

This is just one example of why your marketing strategy (no matter your business size) needs to include mobile. At the very least, the content you produce needs to be mobile friendly.

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