What to Post? Quick and Easy Ideas for Your Business’s Timeline

Facebook is all about frequency and consistency, and constantly having to find interesting status updates can seem intimidating. Fortunately, with a little creativity it’s probably not as hard as you’d think. There are lots of ways to approach Facebook status updates, and finding a balance keeps your followers engaged. Here are a few suggestions to get you started:

Facebook status updates

  1. How about a question? Eliciting comments and likes from your followers is critical to creating a sense of community (and getting your posts ranked higher on newsfeeds). The questions don’t have to be deep, thought provoking questions. In fact, the lighter and more cheerful questions often generate the most conversation. Here are a few examples:
    • Resource pooling questions that invite everyone to contribute to a collection (What’s your favorite recipe for garden fresh tomatoes? Post it here!)
    • Questions that bolster a sense of pride and collective identity as people sharing a similar interest (What’s the hardest thing about being a mom? The easiest?)
    • Open-ended questions (The best way to spend Saturday afternoon is…)
    • Polar questions, where followers can answer by ‘liking’ the post (The weather looks rough today. Like this post if you’re planning to stay inside!)
    • Feedback and self-improvement questions (Did you attend the workshop on Saturday? What did you like, and what can we do better next time?)
    • Future programming or offering questions (We’re adding to our menu this summer… what new flavors would you like to try?)
    • And don’t forget to ask your followers if they have any questions for you.
  2. Share an insight We’ll use the category of “insight” here to cover any original, non-question post. These are statements of your own personal experience designed to:
    • Educate (Basil and tomato… grow well together in the garden and taste good together on my plate!)
    • Inspire (There’s something about getting my hands dirty that makes my head feel clear)
    • Entertain (Kids always seem to have so much energy… until someone says “time to clean up!”).
  3. Break the news News posts are often accompanied by links to articles recently published in a magazine, newspaper, or blog. The intention is to keep your followers connected to the latest developments in related topics of interest.
  4. Provide a resource Resources are tools for your followers to use in support of a related interest. You might try video tutorials, infographics, how-to guides, printables, aps, lesson plans… the possibilities are endless! The best resources are free, efficient, helpful, and fun to use. Remember that graphics and video are very eye-catching, and resources can be a great way to add them to your page.
  5. Last (and also least), promote. Promotion is any post that asks your followers to participate in an action to support your organization, from attending an event to making a donation. Promotion is important for converting an online community to a real life community, but it should be used sparingly. People don’t want to feel bombarded by requests to support you.

Here’s to never pausing with a blinking cursor in your Facebook status bar again!

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