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Concerned about Website Security? Migrate to HTTPS

If your website includes a contact form and does not begin with HTTPS, then you are putting your visitors’ data at risk. Even simple forms can ask for private information like a name, email, address and phone number. If you don’t have a secure website, this information is readily available to anyone with the know-how to take it.

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Internships: Transforming Students into Professionals

More than the designated Errand Runner

The word “Internship” originally made me think of a 20-something fetching coffees for big-wigs; but at Paragon, the interns work with a different kind of Java. To my pleasant surprise, interns can be found writing code for a website build, drafting posts for social media, or offering insights during a client meeting. Experiences that are impossible to manufacture in school.

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We Moved! Find Us Now at 20 Central Square in Keene

We recently moved Paragon Digital Marketing’s headquarters to 20 Central Square #210 in Keene right above Bank of America. This move gives us more space to grow, and a close proximity to local downtown businesses. The move to Central Square resonates well with our staff who are all strong supporters of local businesses.

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