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How to Craft an Engaging Mobile Experience

For the modern consumer, smartphones are practically an extension of the body. Spend a few seconds scanning any public place and you’ll see nearly all eyes glued to tiny screens. With a dependency on phones for everything from checking email to buying dinner, smartphone users demand a seamless mobile user experience. It’s your job to

The Importance of PageSpeed

Remember the days of dial up? Those were simpler times, when folks had the patience to wait upwards of 120 seconds for a website to load. Those days are long gone. These days, if your page doesn’t load within three seconds, approximately 40% of people will abandon your site. A slow site will not be

Are Hamburger Menus Good or Bad?

Optimizing Your Navigation Menu for Mobile There are many options for mobile navigation, but one we see time and time again is the hamburger menu. With mobile usage continuing to climb, responsive website design is essential for a fully functional, user-friendly website. Maintaining navigation usability on smaller screens is not easy, but it is necessary.

Concerned about Website Security? Migrate to HTTPS

If your website includes a contact form and does not begin with HTTPS, then you are putting your visitors’ data at risk. Even simple forms can ask for private information like a name, email, address and phone number. If you don’t have a secure website, this information is readily available to anyone with the know-how

Paragon Digital Acquires 4Web

When I first started Paragon Digital, I had a simple goal. I wanted to build a team that provided the best digital marketing services for a wide range of clients.

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