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Paragon Carves Some Smashing Pumpkins for Keene Pumpkin Fest

UPDATE: Keene won the Pumpkin War with 29,381 carved and lit pumpkins and will receive $1 for each pumpkin for their schools from Discover Card. Highwood, IL tallied up just over 22,000 pumpkins and will get a consolation prize of $10,000 from Discover Card for their schools. We’ve been busy at Paragon carving up pumpkins

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The Google+ Awards: Honoring the Most Engaging Brands with the Best Pages

Welcome to the 2012 Google+ Awards! We are here tonight to honor brave pioneers in social media, those brands willing to explore an empty space, to engage civilizations of software engineers , web developers, and other alien life forms, and to boldly go where only men have dared go before. Yet even in the face

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Bing It On Google: Why Bing May Share the Same Fate as Pepsi

Microsoft has launched a new website called Bing It On and an accompanying ad campaign touting Bing’s superior search results. Microsoft is asking people to try their searches at where Google and Bing results for the same query are shown side by side. When organic search results are displayed without any Google or Bing branding, Microsoft claims that Bing beats

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Twitter Etiquette: 14 Rules for 140 Characters

Even limited to 140 characters, the Twitterverse can be pretty intimidating for new users. Here are a few tips for making a graceful entrance and avoiding some of the most common Twitter faux pas:

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Developing Your Facebook Ad Campaign: Step-by-Step

In an article appearing in the Huffington Post earlier this year, over 70% of businesses were reported to value Facebook as a marketing venue. However, only 23% of businesses had ever experimented with paid advertisements.

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12 Ways to Make Your Business Amazing on Pinterest

Now that you’ve learned some basic principles, let’s look at a few ways your business can create and connect to a Pinterest community:

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Is Pinterest a Good Choice for Your Business?

What is this Pinterest? You’ve probably heard a lot about Pinterest over the last few months. And you’ve probably heard that businesses are starting to use the new social media platform to market their products and services. How can businesses use Pinterest? Is it really worth all the hype?

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What to Post? Quick and Easy Ideas for Your Business’s Timeline

Facebook is all about frequency and consistency, and constantly having to find interesting status updates can seem intimidating. Fortunately, with a little creativity it’s probably not as hard as you’d think. There are lots of ways to approach Facebook status updates, and finding a balance keeps your followers engaged. Here are a few suggestions to

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Developing Your Social Media Communication Policy

A social media communication policy is the “who, what, where, when, and how” of posting content to your Facebook, Twitter, or Google+ account. Its most important purpose is to establish boundaries. Before beginning a social media campaign, you should gather your team and review your goals and objectives.

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