Pinterest Etiquette - Pointers for Proper Pinning

Pinterest Etiquette: 12 Pointers for Proper Pinning

Pinterest is becoming an increasingly useful tool for many businesses.1 2 3 Is your Pinterest profile working just as hard for your business? If not, perhaps it’s time to check in with these 12 simple tips for proper pinning: Do have an engaging profile. For brands, this means creating (or converting) your profile to a business account [...]

Social media rockstar guitar

5 MORE Things Keeping You from Being a Social Media Rockstar

Last month we covered a few common mistakes in managing your social media pages in “5 Things Keeping You from Begin a Social Media Rockstar.” Let’s say you’ve read the post and are thoroughly convinced that you’ve mastered 1.) talking to the right crowd, 2.) creating unique content, 3.) listening to your audience, 4.) establishing [...]

5 Things Keeping You from Being a Social Media Rockstar

Okay, you’ve given this social media thing a fair chance. You’ve been tweeting, sharing your photos on Facebook, and you even have a product catalog on Pinterest. But after all your hard work you’re not seeing the results. People just aren’t commenting, liking, and retweeting. You’ve got only a handful of followers and none of [...]

Holiday marketing cheat sheet

Your Last Minute 2012 Holiday Marketing Cheat Sheet

Can it really be that Thanksgiving is already just a few days away? You’ve probably already begun implementing your holiday marketing strategy, but if you haven’t don’t panic just yet! According to, 33% of consumers will still be shopping in the last two weeks of December. You still have time. It’s the busiest time [...]

4 Pinterest Promotion Ideas for the Holidays

Whether you love it or hate it, it’s that time of year again. It’s time to start planning your holiday marketing strategy. And now that internet users are spending over 20% of their online time on social networks, you’d be savvy to include promotions via Facebook, Twitter, and perhaps for the first time ever, Pinterest. [...]

Social media pumpkins

Paragon Carves Some Smashing Pumpkins for Keene Pumpkin Fest

We’ve been busy at Paragon carving up pumpkins for the Keene Pumpkin Festival. This year was a big year for Keene, the Properties Brothers are filming a Halloween special called Pumpkin Wars for HGTV, we tried to reclaim our world record for the most lit Jack O’Lanterns and Discover Card is donating $1 for each [...]

Bing It On - Bing vs. Google

Bing It On Google: Why Bing May Share the Same Fate as Pepsi

Microsoft has launched a new website called Bing It On and an accompanying ad campaign touting Bing’s superior search results. Microsoft is asking people to try their searches at where Google and Bing results for the same query are shown side by side. When organic search results are displayed without any Google or Bing branding, Microsoft claims that Bing beats [...]

Twitter etiquette tweet

Twitter Etiquette: 14 Rules for 140 Characters

Even limited to 140 characters, the Twitterverse can be pretty intimidating for new users. Here are a few tips for making a graceful entrance and avoiding some of the most common Twitter faux pas: Don’t be an egghead. Take the time to compose a thoughtful bio and add your avatar. Your followers want to talk [...]